A Reserve Study is a budget planning tool which provides a 20-30 year budget projection of maintenance and replacement costs for assets designated as common property in HOA, COA, Townhomes, Condos and Office Parks. This Reserve Study and its schedules of anticipated maintenance and replacement costs is the most reliable method of projecting long term costs for capital expenditures because it considers the current condition, life expectancy, remaining life expectancy and the associated maintenance and replacement costs of all such capital assets and their subcomponents. This report has two parts: the physical inspection and the analysis with financial & budget projections.

Our Reserve Studies include:

  • Site inspection of visible capital assets
  • A listing of items of concern with photographs which requires special attention, caution or further analysis as well as visible ADA deficiencies.
  • A listing of observed items excluded from the study and the basis for their exclusion
  • A draft report summary report with funding charts for review by the Board of Directors or their representatives
  • The final report. This final report may, at the option of the Board of  Directors, include  planned capital asset improvements or additions.


The scope of  the site inspection and the Reserve Study is focused on gathering data and reviewing the condition of your common property assets so as to create a long-term budget as described above. This study is not to be confused with or a substitute for a “property inspection” report which is a more micro inspection of a property and its components to provide a detailed listing of current deficiencies, repair options, priorities and costs to repair or replacement  A “property inspection report” does  not consider  life expectancies, remaining life expectancies, and long term cost of maintenance and replacement which are necessary to project 20 year or greater budget considerations.



If we prepare the Reserve Study, we offer Reserve Study Updates.  When preparing the initial Reserve Study report, time is required to measure, enter the raw data into the computer programs and to make various calculations.  When preforming a Reserve Study Update Report, we will provide a site inspection to adjust for changes since the initial report and will update costs to current costs.  Provided that the changes did not include substantial additions to the capital assets, we can offer these Updated Reports at a reduced cost when compared to the cost of the initial report.


    Not quite sure how this works or what a Reserve Study looks like? Click below to see a couple example case studies.


    Because of our extensive expertise and experience in Residential Codes and Projects, Light Commercial Codes and Projects and Development Projects including familiarity with local development codes & ordinances, we offer consulting services for many facets of these construction areas including structural issues, drainage issues, ADA issues, residential designs to facilitate Aging-In-Place or disabilities, amenity component failures and other related deficiencies.  As a part of our consulting services, we will employ and coordinate specialized engineers as needed to insure thoroughness of the issues and an affordable viable solution of the issues.


    Transitional Studies are expanded reserve studies that may be needed at the time of conversion and formation of an HOA, COA, Townhome Entity, Office Park, etc.  Some examples might include the Developer turning over a project to the HOA, COA, or apartment conversion.  These reports often require inclusion of costs and comments from property inspectors, engineers, etc whose data will be integrated into the final Transition Reserve Study. 

    Transitional Studies may also take the form of a report which explores and discusses a special project which may be under consideration by an HOA, COA or office park.



    • Contact us for a brief discussion of the requested service.
    • We will provide a list of questions or a form which will provide some basic details of the requested service. Follow-up questions will be asked if necessary for further clarification.

    Proposal & Site Visit

    • A proposal will be provided based on initial consultation and details of the requested services.
    • Upon signing of the proposal and receipt of the initial payment, site visits will be scheduled.
    • After the site visit, we will provide a request for any additional information that may be needed.

    Draft Report

    • After the inclusion of any additional information, a draft report will be prepared as quickly as possible.
    • We ask that the persons reviewing the draft report cooperate with a priority review of the draft. We are available via ZOOM to answer any questions before creating the final report.

    Final Report & Invoice

    • A final report is sent electronically along with an invoice for the remaining balance of the proposal

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